Testing and work permit for working machines to Sporveien

Baneservice AS was going to rent out two working machines to Sporveien AS of the type Robel 54.22 series 7, for work on the subway infrastructure. The machines were already operating on the Norwegian railway network.

It was necessary to check if the machines were compatible with the subway infrastructure. The machines were not within Sporveien’s profile at the beginning. In order to fit the profile, the effect of curvature needed to be calculated, and from the calculations the changes that were needed for the machine to be within the profile were identified.

For the working machines to be approved on the subway's infrastructure, parking brakes need to keep a minimum of 55 ‰. The set line gradient in the documentation for Robel 54.22 Series 7 was 40 ‰. Brake tests were conducted to confirm that the brakes also comply with Sporveien’s requirement.

Rytec was engaged by Baneservice to assist within the following areas:

  • Compatibility Declaration for working machines on subway infrastructure.
  • Effect of curvature calculation on critical location.
  • Finding the necessary changes that were needed and prepare change description.
  • Develop up to date profile drawing, relative to the changes and Sporveien’s profile.
  • Plan, participate and write report for the brake tests.
  • Control the machines after the changes were implemented and write a verification report.
  • Homologation with the Norwegian Railway Authority in accordance with “kravforskriften”.
  • Application to Sporveien to get user permit.
  • Transport approval to transport the vehicles on the railway network after the changes were implemented.