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Project management at Rytec

Rytec offers experienced project managers with diverse backgrounds. We have experience managing railway/tram/metro operations and infrastructure.

We are one of the Scandinavian market leaders in supporting clients with procurement, testing and approval of rollingstock.

Project Management from Rytec

Services from Rytec

Since the start of Rytec in 2003 we have grown to offer a range of professional services. Our consultants have and continue to support customers with a wide range of projects in the transportation sector including rail, tram, metro, buses, roads, and airports.

Our services are structured into four main categories, please have a look: project management, approval of rollingstock, consulting and locomotive driver services.

Our home ground is railway/tram/metro operations and infrastructure, procurement, testing and approval of railway working machines, locomotives, passenger trains and electric buses, rollingstock maintenance and performance, and complex projects with different types of contracts including design and build (signalling infrastructure).

Being a small firm offers us extra flexibility. Our consultants are available for long term or short-term projects/assignments, full or part time, on short notice, and at hourly rates or fixed prices.


Services from Rytec

We are Rytec. Would you like to join us?

Rytec is a Norwegian consultancy supporting the development of the transportation sector in Scandinavia. Our heart lies in the railway industry, but our eyes are on future innovations. Did you know that Rytec is currently responsible for managing the introduction of 70 new fully electric buses in Oslo, Norway?

Did you know that we are also responsible for the testing and approval of Scandinavia’s first hybrid locomotive?

We are working in an ever-evolving industry that is undergoing major changes at the minute. And, Rytec is proud to be part of the green technology revolution.

Rytec is constantly after the best and the brightest, junior or experienced. Are you a recent graduate with fresh expertise you would like to apply? Or, do you have a few years of experience under your belt with a desire for greater autonomy and a new place shine? If any of these are you, please send us a message, give us a call, or stop by our office above Oslo central bus station. 


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