Rytec services

Rytec provides services to the transport sector, and our services are focused on four main areas: consultancy / technical advice, project management, testing and approval of rollingstock, and locomotive driver services.

With our flexible and solutions-oriented consultants and drivers, we are often chosen to be part of cutting-edge projects applying the latest technologies.

While most of our clients are Norwegian, but we also have many longstanding clients outside of Norway, for example several railway maintenance contractors in Sweden and a rollingstock leasing company in Germany. Rytec prides itself in providing our clients with greater knowledge of the process we are involved in, and as a result, most of our work is from returning clients.

Project Management

Rytec AS has experienced project managers with diverse backgrounds. Our project managers are requested time again to lead some of the most challenging projects in Scandinavia.

Traditionally our project managers have focused on projects within the railway sector – heavy rail, metro and tram – but we have recently expanded to projects in roads, electric buses, and even office fit-out projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Project Management

Testing and approval of Rollingstock

Railway rollingstock including work machines, passenger trains, locomotives and wagons are all subject to numerous national and international standards and requirements before they can be authorised for use on national railway networks. 

Rytec are very experienced with the testing and approval of rollingstock in Scandinavia, especially in Norway and Sweden. We are well versed in vehicle related Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs), and we also know the national requirements in Norway and Sweden very well.

Testing and Approval

Consulting and technical advice

Rytec has a long history of offering strategic consultancy and technical advice. Much like our other services, this started with business, organisational, process, project and technical advice to the rail, tram and metro sectors. Today Rytec still offers those same services to the rail, tram and metro sectors, but we have also expanded to other sectors including roads.

We have skilled consultants with master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and accomplished consultants, many of whom are former train drivers, with decades of operational railway experience. We have detailed understanding of rollingstock standards (EN, TSI or UIC) and railway operations and safety. Rytec also has a lot of experience with establishing, improving or auditing railway operator’s safety and quality management systems, which often includes operational risk assessments (CSMs), training plans and document management systems.

Rytec also offers business development and contractual advice for various clients including new entrants into the Norwegian or Swedish markets. We have also been responsible for contract planning, procurement and contract management for various vehicle and infrastructure projects.

We can also offer technical assistance with process mapping, implementation and execution of asset management systems including optimization of maintenance programs.

Consulting/Technical advice

Locomotive Driver Services

Rytec actual has our own skilled train drivers. We have several former passenger and locomotive train drivers certified for all Norwegian lines, who are also trained to operate under Bane NOR’s licence in maintenance or construction areas. Rytec does not have a licence to operate ourselves, but we hire out our drivers to a number of the different railway freight operators and to railway maintenance contractors in Norway.

Rytec’s drivers are also involved in testing and approval of new rail vehicles, including ones with ETCS subsystems installed. For example, Rytec’s drivers played a very important role in establishing the first ERTMS pilot line in Norway.

Rytec’s role included testing and approval of three vehicles, and it was Rytec’s drivers who were responsible of driving the test vehicles, establishing the first driving rules, creating drivers’ manuals, and training new drivers. 

Several of Rytec’s drivers are also skilled instructors. They can create training plans, training documentation, and run entire training courses for old and new vehicle types on behalf of rail operators.  

Rytec offers drivers services throughout the year for long, short-term, or last-minute hire. Please note our drivers are very busy in the summer, so please contact us as early as possible.


Locomotive driver services