Approvals for permits on railway networks

Vehicles (rolling stock), including work machines, are subject to national and international requirements for permits to be used on private/national rail networks. We have cutting edge expertise in the relevant TSIs and vehicle regulations. Rytec AS can therefore design applications for the National Railway Authority (SJT).

The Norwegian Railway Authority (SJT) grants permission to use it pursuant to the Interconnection Regulations. Rytec knows the requirements that must be fulfilled in the TSIs and the Regulations on vehicles on the national railway network in order to obtain permission to use vehicles on the railway network in Norway. In addition, Rytec can design applications for permits for rail vehicles also for Sweden, Denmark and other European countries.

We can assist in accomplishment of approvals processes within this areas:

  • Vehicles including work machines ("yellow machines")
  • Authorization of workshops (ECM)
  • Test and commission

Rytec's consultants are leading in the work with application processes and government relations.

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