Signal and interlocking LKAB Narvik

As part of the LK37 project has Rytec delivered various services to LKAB Malmtrafikk AS. The project LK37 is directed towards increase in the iron ore extraction and deportation from LKAB's mines in Sweden.

For Narvik terminal this means an increase from 11 to 17 iron ore trains a day, with a total weight of 8000 tons and a length of 750 meters. In order to increase the efficiency of the operation of the terminal, it has been established a signal and interlocking system to control the traffic.

Rytec assisted with the development of an bottleneck analysis of the terminal, and preparation of suggestions of the layout for the new terminal adapted to increasing the capacity and implementation of signal and interlocking system. The work included assistance to Bane NOR's master plan for Narvik station, based on LKAB's future needs.

The assignment included developing the requirements for signal contract prepared as a turnkey contract on a complete signal and interlocking system, including operating space, technical room, LED signals, axle counters, UPS, backup power generator and interface towards Narvik station.

Rytec has assisted in following up contact relation to relevant suppliers and LKAB in connection with selection of supplier. It was also provided assistance in the preparation and entering into contract based on a NS 8407 turnkey contract.

After entering contract has Rytec acted as part project manager for the turnkey contract. This includes coordination with ongoing railway contract and for Bane NOR's interfaces towards Narvik station. Rytec was responsible for RAMS and provided contract consulting.