Introduction to the railway and work on railway tracks

Rytec AS contributes with new training measures.

These days we are conducting introductory courses for candidates who are to become main security guards. We carry out the training on request from Baneservice AS, for future main security guards. The training measure is implemented via teams. This is a newly established training measure that will ensure that the course participants get good conditions when they enter the main training as main security guards. The group consists of a bunch of great men who have varying experience, and some, not experience with railway business. Therefore, they get a careful and well-thought-out introduction of safety-related aspects that lie in the role of HSV.

The course is conducted 2 evenings a week, and we spend 3 hours each time where we give participants basic insight into what railway is, important actors in railway, the different roles that are in the railway, and what safety requirements are set for their new and future role. Interactive means such as Diggle (electronic learning platform), interactive group rooms and direct briobane review are elements these great guys meet during the course.

We look forward to following their progress, and thank our great instructors and Kate Helen Fornstedt, John Frode Bredholt, Bjørn Jarle Fosse and Per Jan Haursett, Svenn Arne Hammersborg and Jan Husevik who contribute to raising knowledge for future main security guards. Not least, we thank Baneservice AS for the trust and the opportunity to contribute with such a future-oriented course.