Management and Project Management

Interim Management (Management for hire) may be necessary when there is a need for quick access to the right management expertise for an agreed period. Rytec AS can assists with Interim Management and Project Management/control, this may be projects within building, rolling stock, operational or infrastructure.

Temporary management allows the company to insert an experienced leader within a short period of time. We assist when business gets an urgent need on the management side. Rytec's leaders have extensive operational experience and good knowledge of operational execution, and will in the short term be included as a part of the management team.

Through extensive experience from various projects, our consultants have good project management expertise and can take responsibility for all phases of the implementation. High focus on progress, economy and quality in the entire project makes Rytec AS a collaborator to rely on.

We can assist the customer in cost management, planning and management of progress. We can also help with uncertainty analyzes where critical activities are identified and consequences assessed so that compensatory measures can be implemented.

Reference Projects