Sondre Sørflaten


Sondre Sorflaten has a bachelor's degree as a mechanical engineer and a master's degree in technology management at NTNU in Trondheim. Sondre's bachelor's degree with specialization in operation and maintenance has given him a good theoretical and practical competence in the industry. He has worked extensively with tasks related to reliability, availability, maintenance and safety (RAMS). With a master's degree in technology management he has gained a more comprehensive understanding of the intersection between finance, management and technology.

Sondre can contribute with good analytical skills and a holistic understanding of how to handle technological, financial and managerial challenges that arise in technology companies. He has previously worked as a product developer where he has been responsible for several projects. At the same time, he has acquired good knowledge of the various processes required during development projects. Sondre's role in Rytec today is to assist with innovation in various project groups and assist through good communication and collaboration skills.