Kate Helen Fornstedt

Senior Adviser

Kate Helen has a degree in safety from the railway sector. She has worked as a conductor in NSB for many years, she is also a trained main security guard. In addition, she has education in safety management, travel service, guidance, coaching and vocational education.

In NSB and Bane NOR, she has worked with development projects to contribute to development and quality assurance for the training of personnel with significance for traffic safety. Among the occupational groups, she has worked with conductors, drivers, service staff, shifters and main security guards. In several projects she has worked on, the goal has been to modernize and streamline the training.

Kate Helen has also contributed with railway professional and pedagogical development of instructor teams in both NSB and Bane NOR. In these processes, involvement in learning has been an important goal to motivate and engage instructors and supervisors. Folkeuniversitetet sometimes also uses Kate Helen's supervisor competence, where she contributes as a practice supervisor in studies in supervision and coaching.

Through the ages, she has also arranged a number of larger gatherings and been a facilitator at these. Through many years in the industry, Kate Helen has built up a wide range of skilled partners and a large network in her own sector. Kate Helen thrives in hectic and dynamic environments, is quality-conscious, solution-oriented and flexible.

Kate Helen Fornstedt is currently our contact for locomotive driver services.